Black lung is back Black lung is back
- Percy Verrall, first Australian diagnosed with Black Lung disease this century.

Eighteen months of the grim reality of living with Black Lung

Mar 8, 2017Media releases

This month marks one-and-a-half years since retired miner Keith Stoddart has been diagnosed with Black Lung.

“Looking back on my last photo my wife said look how much I have aged,” said Mr Stoddart.

“I see myself in the mirror every day but didn’t notice how far I have gone downhill. I’m coughing up blood most days now and can hardly carry a small pot plant.

“Most doctors don’t understand this disease. Workplaces don’t want to know. Black Lung victims are put on the surface out of sight.

“Workcover doesn’t recognize this disease. Victims have lost their jobs and homes with no money coming in.

“How many more workers are going to be diagnosed with Black Lung and how many have slipped through the cracks?

“It’s time we got together and started to yell and scream until there is a concerted effort to eradicate this crippling and deadly disease from our mines,” said Mr Stoddart.

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